Frequently Asked Questions

What is In Flight?

In Flight is a mobile app that improves the efficiency of hospitals’ grassroots fundraising efforts in the community. It allows you to plan donor meetings, view location fundraising history, update contacts, take notes, upload photos, track your To Do list and much more. We are your on-the-go fundraising sidekick.

How much is the app?

$0.00. Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals has invested in this innovative mobile technology to elevate the quality of donor interactions for hospitals across North America.

Can my CMN volunteers use In Flight?

Yes! Once your Volunteer downloads In Flight, they will have complete access to provide additional support to your visits. This is a perfect way to empower them! We are creating a Volunteer Guide for In Flight, which will be uploaded here by November 30.

Can Miracle Parents or my CMN Champion Family use In Flight?

Yes! We strongly encourage Miracle Moms and CMN Champion families to use In Flight. It is a great way to deepen their affiliation with your hospital. Your corporate partners will also have the chance to meet families whose experiences have been directly impacted by their organization’s generosity.

How often will campaign data be updated?

Typically, every 2 days. Let’s use the Walmart and Sam’s Club campaign as an example.  Whenever Patrice Johnson at CMNH receives the campaign fundraising data from Walmart & Sam’s Club, In Flight will update Partner Locations accordingly.

Can In Flight integrate with my hospital's CRM?

Not quite yet. We are working hard to make this possible, so all of your donor interactions flow into your hospital’s CRM (i.e. Raiser’s Edge, ADVANCE, Enterprise). Stay tuned for updates.

How often does the app update?

Every 2 weeks. Stay current with your app software updates, so you are using the latest version.  App updates will happen like any other app through the iTunes or Google Play app stores.

I'm in Canada-- why aren't my partners showing up?

In Flight defaults to distance in miles and shows US partners. This is so hospitals near the border aren’t seeing a different country’s partners.  Click the “Hamburger Menu” on the upper right hand corner and select Settings. Adjust the toggle to “Show Distance in Kilometers” and you should be good to go!

I'm not receiving my visit summaries. Help!

Ugh! It’s likely that your hospital has an extremely protective firewall, which is great for protecting patient information.  Unfortunately, in some cases, it’s also preventing In Flight emails from reaching your inbox.   We are actively working to remedy this with our developers.

Outlook users have also noticed that In Flight emails are being sent to unexpected folders.  Try adjusting your Outlook settings or checking other folders.

Can I find my notes or photos through Mission Control?

Not yet, but we are actively working with CMNH to make this a reality.  Expect an update to this shortly.

Why are you called PwrdBy?

It’s simple. We are powered by your mission. We are powered by your passion. We are powered by you. 

Can I use hashtags with my photos?

Yes! Once you’ve taken a photo in the app, you can personalize the image with a hashtag. To help identify your image, best practices for hashtags include: Partner Name, Store #, Cashier Names and Campaign Title. Have other ones? Let us know as

You can easily search by hashtag from the In Flight widget in Mission Control, which helps sort, organize and identify your photos.